Where you grow up defines your future

Today we know that depending on where you grow up you define your future. If you are born into the world in a poor family you tend to have less opportunities that if you were born in a rich family. The same goes for where in the society you are born. A poor neighbourhood will define your future negatively. Here we have an interesting twist. Research has shown that depending on where you live in poverty you have different possibilities to get out of it! The place might be defined as county, city, suburb or town area.

The best way out is to live in a place where races are integrated in all social levels, where we find a big middle class and where the families are deeply connected. It is also favourable to be born in a place where the social responsibility is elevated and that have relatively good schools. On the other side, if you are rich it does not matter much where you live. Most likely you will be bad or good no matter where you grow up. It is for poor people that it matters. When you only have a little to use, you need to optimize everything you have, all your opportunities and aim up.

When schools are bad and poverty is concentrated, we get lower possibilities to grow. It will afflict our results. This is more visible in men than in women. These places give fewer possibilities to climb up the economical – and social ladder. The places you live define everything and open the world for growth or poverty. We want our self and our children to have the optimal chance to prosper. That make us obligated to observe the basic factors like the quality of the schools and how the middle class is arranged, integration and prosperity. The earlier you get into this positive spot the better will you manage and the better will your children manage later in life. Research have shown that if you move BEFORE 9 years of age we get a huge positive effect, if you move when you are 15 you will manage worse, and if you wait until you are more than 20 years you will have no effect of changing place to live.

This is how to choose a future for the children through moving to another place.

  1. Move young. Before 9 years of age.
  2. Choose a place where races and groups of the population are mixed. A segregated city is not good for prosperity.
  3. Choose a place where you find a huge middle class. Remember that poor people grow faster if others are not that higher in income.
  4. The area need to have few single parents. When we find married couples in the neighbourhood, we find more potential for growth.
  5. The place needs to have a lot of social capital; making factors like trust, interest, social responsibility and social gathering important.
  6. Good schools. A good school depends on three factors: small classes, use of money and good teachers.

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