Failing Rich kid manage life better than Correct Poor kid

A child of rich parents that do everything wrong tend to do better than children of poor parents that do everything correct. The poor is often left with a huge loan and very little prosperous future. A rich child has a huge advantage in his home, an advantage the poor don’t have. The growth stimulated by the parents at home out weight the individual efforts from the poor child. The talks with the rich parents is very important (3 hours more than poor per week), but also the network that the rich parents can provide to their children. It is also possible that a rich child without school might start working in the family business, while the poor child that studied need to search for a job without a greater network and start to pay the study loan. The prospect for the future is different.


Research has shown that rich without studies manage the same as poor with studies. 16% of the poor with studies have the lowest income, and 16% of rich without studies have the highest income. The investment in enriching activities in the child’s formative early years have the last 35 years increased with 1.5 times among rich people and by 0.5 times among poor. The investment is different and the outcome is different. Rich parents have the possibility to spend time and push forward their kids in another way than the poor. As we now understand, this gap is growing. Constructive forward directed advices from a person that know are very valuable. This is more hours than poor children get and with a higher quality. Beside this much more selected activities that construct the kids mind, better schools, less student loans, and greater job opportunity for in the end.

The key for future success is greatly determined by your parents. Inequality starts in the crib and follows the kid to the grave. It is unequal races that leave poor children behind. Rich kind will prosper more than poor; Meritocracy! While a hard working poor hard student most likely end up in the lower end of the income pyramid.


Rich children will most likely take over the family business, and they don’t need to fight to get the top position and they don’t need any studies to get their neither. Poor children have to fight and work for years to get in a leading position, but they will most likely never become the owner, because they don’t have money to invest. The parents accommodate the future of their own children, and this give an edge; opportunity hoarding. Paying the best schools, getting the optimal internships and have no worries creates an easy path.


Poor children struggle to get the same as the others; the rich children. In this struggle they become an easy target for other systems that absorbs them into themselves with promises that often is proven wrong. The poor students start in private schools; high tuition, extra languages and difficult curriculum. The parents pay as much as they can and the life with their children weakens. Often we find the poor student to take student loans. The degree they finally get (if the pass) don’t change the game. They are more likely to continue living in the same poor neighbourhood after completing the study. They will have a huge debt and tired parents. Factors that make them less likely to succeed in life. Rich children get the best opportunities with schools and upbringing, and if they fail – they are more likely to be better anyhow.

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