Salón de la Fama

Hall of Fame C.I.A.M. Confederación Internacional de Artes Marciales. El consejo directivo CIAM, hace contestar que Nils Volden Honorable maestro de las artes marciales. Ha sido reconocido con el alto honor marcial, en calidad de Gran maestro y Leyenda deportiva internacional por tal distinción ha sido incluido como miembro erémito e inmortal en el Salon... Fortsett lesing →

Guinness World Record

Saturday the 5th of November 2016 I attempted to break the Guinness World Record in most martial arts throws in 1 minute. The current record was 65 persons, and I intended to throw more than that. The Guinness Book of World Records had pre-approved my World Record attempt. Due to circumstances I had to throw... Fortsett lesing →

ABC to terror attacks and Shooters

Tactics and Special operations As you might have noticed recent years with the terror attacks in Paris against the newspaper Charlie Hebdo, København in Denmark, Utøya in Norway, at multiple schools in USA and multiple places around the world paints a picture of an increasing trend. Last the shooting in Orlando USA leaving 50 people... Fortsett lesing →

Important topics related to TCCC and MARCH

By Nils Let us take a step back and evaluate Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).  This system is developed for the military system and battlefield situations. The police have started to adapt MARCH protocol or the complete MARCHE protocol instead for the classical ABC or the more modern CBA. To know TCCC is not the... Fortsett lesing →

Snake bite first aid

by Nils First of all: Most snakes aren't dangerous to humans! Note the classical exceptions as rattlesnake, coral snake, water moccasin and Copperhead. Being bitten by one of those might kill you. Mexico is one of the countries where most people are bitten. If bitten one of the venomous snakes you need to go to... Fortsett lesing →

How long will you live

  A Brazilian physician Claudio Gil Araujo has developed a small test to find out how many years left you have to life. The basis to this test is the fact that older patients have problems with balance and strength; like standing up picking up items from the floor. Since these skills are special important... Fortsett lesing →

The Economic indicator

Few persons know about CCI. CCI is short for Commodity Channel Index. This is an index developed by Donald Lambert in 1980 to function as a versatile indicator to indicate new trends and to inform about extreme conditions on the market. Originally CCI were used to find cyclical turns in commodities, but have been used... Fortsett lesing →

When will you die?

Based on numbers from Norway (2009-2013) researchers have found that different works will give different life span. Most important are education level; the more education the more years you will live. Just to have it written, the less years in school the fewer years you will live.  This numbers are stable and consistent. It is... Fortsett lesing →

The Dunning–Kruger effect

In short this is that relatively unskilled individuals suffer from think they know more than they do. In nice words this is “to mistakenly assessing their ability to be much higher than is accurate” as Wikipedia put it. If an unskilled person has to evaluate his own ability level accurately he tends to evaluate himself... Fortsett lesing →

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