Salón de la Fama

Hall of Fame C.I.A.M. Confederación Internacional de Artes Marciales. El consejo directivo CIAM, hace contestar que Nils Volden Honorable maestro de las artes marciales. Ha sido reconocido con el alto honor marcial, en calidad de Gran maestro y Leyenda deportiva internacional por tal distinción ha sido incluido como miembro erémito e inmortal en el Salon… Fortsett å lese Salón de la Fama

Guinness World Record

Saturday the 5th of November 2016 I attempted to break the Guinness World Record in most martial arts throws in 1 minute. The current record was 65 persons, and I intended to throw more than that. The Guinness Book of World Records had pre-approved my World Record attempt. Due to circumstances I had to throw… Fortsett å lese Guinness World Record

Human Electric Smog

Research show us that people that live close to a human created non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF) or (more easy) “electro smog” is sicker than others. People living close to a power plant or high intensity electrical cables suffers from more leukemia than others and a cures slower from diseases. Now, remember that the amount of… Fortsett å lese Human Electric Smog

Haemostatic Agents

When you have bleeding, haemostatics will stem the blood flow through accelerating the blood clotting. Uncontrolled haemorrhage is most frequent cause to death that might be prevented on the battle field. Normally we use three different techniques on bleedings, pressure bandage, tourniquets and haemostatics. Haemostatics are relatively unknown, and that is why we should look a… Fortsett å lese Haemostatic Agents

First aid collection (TCCC and active shooters)

Many persons have asked for a collection of first aid, Shooters, terror and TCCC articles written by me on this page. Here it is. Enjoy! Terror feed our attention Readiness in Schools Emergency responce to Active Shooters TCCC handbook ABC to Active Shooter attacks Whole fresh blood in TCCC First aid Important topics related to… Fortsett å lese First aid collection (TCCC and active shooters)

Our fake lifes on FB

An average person uses 1 to 2 hours daily on Facebook. Here we post edited photos and try to look a little better than we actually are. We scroll through our FB-page looking on who liked, shared and think about who did not like our photo of the food you are eat yesterday. Today we… Fortsett å lese Our fake lifes on FB

Readiness in Schools

School shooting drills In the light of school shootings and other events, experts start to advise us to prepare for insecurity and the lack of predictability. Shooting episodes might occur everywhere and anytime. A school curriculum needs to include elements to prepare the students for survival. The idea is to arrange classes to prepare the… Fortsett å lese Readiness in Schools

Emergency Response to Active Shooters

When we have an active shooter at a school, offices or at a cinema we have to act. The new standard for this counter actions are a closer coordination between police, paramedics and the fire fighters. The model used in Norway today is called Plivo – Pågående LIvstruende VOld; on-going life-threatening violence. Before they used… Fortsett å lese Emergency Response to Active Shooters

Niños en México

21 millones de niños y adolescentes en México es pobres escribe Unicef, la Organización de Naciones Unidas para la Infancia. 23 % de mujeres casan antes cumplir mayor edad. Chiapas, Guerrero y Oaxaca tienen más matrimonios infantiles. Estados con más alto índice de pobreza tienen la más alto porcentaje de matrimonios infantiles: 45% Chiapas, 42% Guerrero… Fortsett å lese Niños en México

Acupuncture treatment in China

This is how an acupuncture treatment is done in China. The video is from the Pudong Hospital in China, The Head of the TCM department is Dr Liu Gui Zhen. Here the doctor is treating a patient with Dizziness, neurological issues and neck pain. Note how the Doctor is checking the patient pulse, tongue, finding general problem by… Fortsett å lese Acupuncture treatment in China

ABC to terror attacks and Shooters

Tactics and Special operations As you might have noticed recent years with the terror attacks in Paris against the newspaper Charlie Hebdo, København in Denmark, Utøya in Norway, at multiple schools in USA and multiple places around the world paints a picture of an increasing trend. Last the shooting in Orlando USA leaving 50 people… Fortsett å lese ABC to terror attacks and Shooters

Fresh Whole Blood and IV

By Nils The new TCCC recommend transfusion of fresh whole blood (FWB). This mean that Saline solution is not recommendable partly due to the increased risk of death by using it. FWB transfusion also comes with a couple of risks. First, the risk related to a transfusion reaction and second, the risk for transfusion transmitted… Fortsett å lese Fresh Whole Blood and IV

Important topics related to TCCC and MARCH

By Nils Let us take a step back and evaluate Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).  This system is developed for the military system and battlefield situations. The police have started to adapt MARCH protocol or the complete MARCHE protocol instead for the classical ABC or the more modern CBA. To know TCCC is not the… Fortsett å lese Important topics related to TCCC and MARCH

Impossible to live in North Africa and Middle East

New investigations from Max-Planx Gesellschaft in Munchen Germany have shown that in about 25 years we will find The North of Africa and the Middle East so warm that humans cannot live there. Most likely the population of 500.000.000 persons have to find another place to live, die trying or live miserable. We find the heat waves… Fortsett å lese Impossible to live in North Africa and Middle East