The Economic indicator

Few persons know about CCI. CCI is short for Commodity Channel Index. This is an index developed by Donald Lambert in 1980 to function as a versatile indicator to indicate new trends and to inform about extreme conditions on the market. Originally CCI were used to find cyclical turns in commodities, but have been used... Fortsett lesing →

Trade Psychology

Trading psychology is intimately related to trend psychology; trend followers. The first pitfall is to follow others! The most important elements are as following: When you do trade you need to be patient. You need to observe and think. The number one error is jumping into something to quick. Take your time and do nothing... Fortsett lesing →

This is an ISIS terrorist

A Street Acudo Special (  Europol does state that the not recognized “Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham” (ISIS) can attack any place in the World, any time. First we need understand the word TERROR. Terror mean to give fear to people. It exist two groups, first a group that simply have as its goal... Fortsett lesing →

Alzheimer’s disease and Chinese medicine II

A new article about Alzheimer’s disease. This article is dedicated to a deep analysis of the theme.



This is an article written by Nils Volden about Alzheimers disease. This is the secound article in a serie about Alzheimers. The topic in this article is a analysis of AD from a Chinese medical point of view. A type of brainstorming. Just sit down and enjoy.

Alzheimer and Chinese medicine part 2 TCM

First article: Alzheimer’s disease in PDF

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First Aid Stroke

This is what to do whan a person get stroke Here is an external link to a great article written by David Patterson at ACLS Training Center: Press here  

CPR – Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Three steps to CPR Call for help! (Yes it comes first) Check if the victim is unresponsive, not breathing or breathing strangely. Call imediately for HELP! Do not speak for a long time. Then return to the victim. Pump! If the victim continues the same, begin with chest compressions. Practically this is to press down the... Fortsett lesing →

When will you die?

Based on numbers from Norway (2009-2013) researchers have found that different works will give different life span. Most important are education level; the more education the more years you will live. Just to have it written, the less years in school the fewer years you will live.  This numbers are stable and consistent. It is... Fortsett lesing →

The Dunning–Kruger effect

In short this is that relatively unskilled individuals suffer from think they know more than they do. In nice words this is “to mistakenly assessing their ability to be much higher than is accurate” as Wikipedia put it. If an unskilled person has to evaluate his own ability level accurately he tends to evaluate himself... Fortsett lesing →

ABC to shooters

Here are an article written by Nils Volden about shooters and terrorists. The article were originally published in March, but recent happenings in the tourist parts of Tunisia gives this article a new importance. Please read and think.

World Acudo Association

An article originally published on Street acudo:

wpmaf bilde 2015

This week unfortunately this article become important again. Prepare!

Shooter special

By Doshu Nils Volden

Tactics and Special operations
As you might have noticed recent years with the terror attacks in Paris against the newspaper Charlie Hebdo, København in Denmark, Utøya in Norway, at multiple schools in USA and multiple places around the world paints a picture of an increasing trend. We might find our self to become a target for a terror attack; not only suicide bombs, but also knife attacks, guns and chemical weapons. The essence of a terror attack is the purpose to create a sensation of Fear in people, to make us do – or not do something. Terrorists normally do not want to take people hostage, kill and hurt as many as possible in a short time lap.

We cannot predict exactly when or where it will…

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Time of Birth qualifies for diseases

An article in Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association show us that your birth month correlates with the chance to catch a disease. The birth month has a significant impact on the diseases we might develop during our lifetime. This study tried to look closer to the relationship between seasonal affects at birth and... Fortsett lesing →

The user manual for Women (Part 2/8) Women in Chinese medicine

The development of women; first steps.



“This is the second  article of eight about women. This article focuses more on the roots to the female brain, infantile puberty, juvenile pause and the Yang Wood stage. The angle to the article are a combination between Chinese medicine, Chinese psychology and Western science. Remember the article are provocative to stimulate growth. Note that the references will be published on the seminars «Women and TCM».

Welcome to read The user manual for Women part 2. Enjoy.”

Nils Volden

本 Běn – the roots of the female brain
Our congenital essence has of course programmed a girl to be born with a female brain; Yin gender with a Yin brain. She is not – and women have never been shaped from a unisex brain into a female brain. This is a Yin brain pre-programmed in her congenital essence and thereby by her kidney zang. Her life is greatly Yin…

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All what you need to know about Memory in Chinese medicine

This is an article I wrote about memory some time ago. Everything you need to know about memory are to be found in it.



“The basis of our existence depends on our ability to remember things from the past. Without the past we cannot create a future. Chinese medicine and Chinese psychology have a unique way to explain the mind and its memory. This article will give you a quick insight. Enjoy.”

Nils Volden

记性 Jìxing is the ability of a person to store information as a memory. The information is absorbed from the outside world by a sensorial system located in the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin, and stored in the brain. At a later point of time we find the person might use the stored information. The process from stimuli to a stored memory is an interesting three step processes that start with 编码 Biānmǎ – Encoding; changing external information into a signal that can be encoded by the body. This is done by a sense. In Chinese medicine we got…

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Multiple intelligences in Chinese medicine

An important article about intelligences analyzed from a Chinese medical perspective.



“Intelligence is something we want to have a lot of. What does Chinese medicine say about that topic. Enjoy.”

Nils Volden

Chinese psychology has an easy way to identify the personality of people through using the five classical personalities, Roun, Chenn, I, Pro and Teche. Often we find intelligence intertangled with personalities. This aspect is closely related to personality, but is not the same topic. In the classical Chinese medicine intelligence is often related to Spleen zang, the mental aspect Yi or to the I personality. This Spleen zang connection does not help us much when we want to really understand intelligence. Let us try to understand how Chinese psychology operates with multiple intelligences.

The area of intelligences is an area of confusion in the occidental psychology also. Let us use this confusion in occidental psychology as our starting ground. The dominant theory is interestingly enough called “The Theory of Multiple…

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