Terror create anxiety to get attention

Acts of terror is relatively rare and might statistically de seen as not dangerous. Obesity is calculated to be up to 24.000 times more dangerous, and the risk to be killed in a terrorist act (if killed) is estimated to be 1: 3.600.000. In other words, the risk is VERY low. Our conclusion is that terrorism is more emotional dangerous than objective statistically dangerous.

When we state that the threat of terrorism is not that real as we normally think we might be treated like swearing in Church. It is a sad fact that people is killed in terror acts on a relatively regular basis. Nobody objects this fact, but in the big picture we need to see the amount of people killed and the goal of the killing. The pure objective behind killing random innocent children and adults are to create attention for their group. The more anxiety they manage to create, the more attention they get, and the more relative power they will develop.

Terror created fear is an alternative to confusion. When we don’t know what is happening and live in a bubble of not knowing we get anxiety. We develop fear of that exactly terror will hit us. Fear fills the entire body with a distinct uncomfortable emotion; a feeling or a sensation if you want of your group or the other bad group. You automatically become a part of a group, and you need to feel the same as your group. If you feel different, you are outside your group. Being outside your group you are automatically considered as a possible member of the other group – the terrorists. You are obligated to have corresponding emotions with your group. You need to fear terrorism and have anxiety for dying in terror acts.

Statistics clearly states that everything is safe regarding terror. You don’t need to give terror much attention. You got bigger chances of dying by being struck by lightning, stung by a bee; drown in your own bath tub or simply being killed by falling furniture than being killed by terrorist group. People often get upset when you give less importance to terror and devaluate the chance of terror. You might be stigmatized as insensitive to everybody that have died in terror acts, and that you don’t understand anything. Heart and statistics will always be different. Anxiety is like happiness, you cannot take it away from a person without creating a reaction.

Europa had more terror attacks between 1970 and 1990 than after. We also know that the human mind has a short memory, and that everything was better before. Fear is dangerous, more dangerous than the acts of terror. Fear is the main weapon of terror. When you start to act according to your fear then the terrorist won. This is why they will continue to blast bombs and run over innocent people with huge trucks. This is why they will continue running around with butcher knives and AK47. They want your attention, to fuel your anxiety, to create an illusion of fear. They often make us to become uncritical and blinded by our fear. Always remember fear is contagious, and often transmitted from adults to children. Children filled with anxiety are often a reflection of their home. Of course you have to be careful, but don’t let them steal your life. This is their goal of terror: “Steal your attention!”, this is why they will continue doing it, and the more attention they get – the more terror we get. Stop giving them attention!

…is it difficult? YES!

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