NATO – The under dog

Researchers have calculated and found that if Russia attacks Europa, then Europa will lose. It is NOT true that NATO alliance have 40.000 soldiers ready to defend Europa. The quick response force (NRF) is a paper force that is not in any way close to count 40.000 soldiers. Let me explain. NRF are a yearly rotating responsibility between different NATO countries. Before the force counted 13.000 soldiers and today NRF are reorganized. The NRF of 2018 need to be ready one year before, and the NRF of 2016 still need to be ready in 2017; the soldiers from the year before and after needs to be ready any given year. The mobilization process is estimated to take between one and two months to complete. As we know a lot might happen in this time span, and perhaps using the name “Quick response force” is perhaps misleading. NATO will develop an arrow force of 5.000 soldiers that will be ready in 2 days, but still it is not there…




We need to separate the political significance of NATO from the military force of NATO. The only that might create some fear in Russia is the nuclear weapons of USA, but beside that… NATO has little or nothing to show to. In a way, if NATO win a war it is as an underdog.

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