The Trade fair in Guangzhou China

This fair often called the Canton Trade fair is the biggest fair trade in the world; 24.000 companies and 59.000 exhibitions. Buyers from all over the world and sellers from China get together to trade. This year it does not sell like before. The business is on the lowest ever in the 60 years history of this fair. In China this trade fair is considered to be the swim or drown. 100 billion US dollars in two weeks is close to a scandal, and a number used to show the heat in the market. Pessimism is spreading and 2017 will be become an extremely bad year for China regarding international export. All numbers point only one direction; down! Since last year the Chinese export is down with 10%; 300% higher than predicted. The last 1.5 years we find the Chinese Yuan go down 10% against USD, but still the export go down with another 10%. It is a disaster for China and a sign of the global market. On top of this, the fabrics in China have got an additional increase on salaries of about 10%.


Perhaps has taken some of the space of this Trade fair, but something is wrong; very wrong.

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