Lyme disease and acupuncture

Borrelia or Lymes disease is interesting seen from Chinese medicine. This is a nice way to understand some basic chines medical theories.




“This is an article about Lyme disease. The article focuses on explaining the main theories that you have to consider in this disease when analyzing it through the eyes of an acupuncturist or Chinese herbalists. Remember the article are to stimulate growth. Note that the references will be published on the seminar ragarding the topic given by Volden.

Welcome to read Lyme disease and Chinese medicine Enjoy.”

Nils Volden


Lyme disease: Tick-borne disease


It exist about 900 different types of tick in the world; most common is Lxodes ricius. These animals might transmit infectious agents to humans; normally bacteria, viruses and protozoa. Research estimate that ticks might transmit 16 diseases to humans; Lyme disease is one of them. Tick-borne diseases are difficult to spot on normal laboratory tests, and are therefore often overseen. Symptoms from a tick bite are normally body aches, fever, fatigue, joint pain and…

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