Pollution confirmed in brain tissue!

Contamination normally gives us cough as the particles fill our lungs. Now research has found that we should not only worry about the lungs and our heart, the brain is also filled with particles unknown until recently Iron oxide or Magnetite. This magnetite contamination is produced in catalytic converters in cars.


Magnetite has a circular form, and is only 200 nanometer in size; a hair is 50.000 nanometer wide. In the contamination they found magnetite mixed with platinum. The only place this mix might occur is in the catalytic converter in a car. This converter was introduced to clean the contamination from cars, but now we know that this is the birth place for millions of small magnetic iron fragments. Normal particles are filtered in your nose and your lungs, but these magnetite particles are so small that when they enter the nose and pass the olfactory bulb, they will travel up to the frontal cortex of the brain through our nerves!


We have known for long that dust from roads enters our lungs, afflict our respiration system and our health. Now we also know that super tiny particles from the catalytic converter is expulsed and can be found in our brain. Magnetite is a type of mineral that consist of a type of oxidated iron (Fe3O4) with a 72 % iron content. This mineral is very magnetic, heavy, black and metallic. Our brain tissue always had natural magnetite inside, but now research have unclosed that for every natural magnate it exist 100 magnetite created by our catalytic converter.


Researchers are terrified by this finding. Just think about tiny small magnets filling up your brain tissue. This “magnets” are found between the brain cells and in millions per gram of brain tissue. All magnets create a magnetic field that most likely will change aspects in the brain. Since the particles are normally found in the frontal parts of the brain (the frontal lobe) we might expect alterations there. The frontal lobe is mainly responsible for planning, decisions, social behaviour, coordination of thoughts and actions according to our goals. Magnetite is basically iron, and iron will create damages to the brain; mainly causes – or accelerate neurodegenerative diseases. An elevated iron level in the brain will never be healthy. We need to remember that it does not exist any research that connects diseases to this particle; yet! Soon we might become scared, really scared… This particle is confirmed inside the plaque that accumulates in Alzheimer, but still that no scientific evidence for cause.


Here comes an interesting part for Mexicans. The investigation were conducted by Lancaster University and published in “the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” (PNAS) on brain tissue from 37 persons; 29 from Mexico City! The ages of the Mexican sample were from 3 to 85 years. When the researches did a magnetic extraction they found millions of particles come out of the brain tissue; remember that this is a place where the particle never has been found before. 99% of the particles had a circular shape; making their origin to be a place with extreme high temperatures. The researchers also found traces of platinum on the particles, and that led to the conclusion that they mainly come from catalytic converters in cars.



http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2016/08/31/1605941113 (You need to logg in to read the article)



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