Human Electric Smog

Research show us that people that live close to a human created non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF) or (more easy) “electro smog” is sicker than others. People living close to a power plant or high intensity electrical cables suffers from more leukemia than others and a cures slower from diseases. Now, remember that the amount of electric smog is increasing – infecting our life. A short term expose is not dangerous at all, but a long term expose might harm us. It is interesting to know that electric smog causes birds to lose their sense of orientation, and their ability to formation flying and to nest. Today we worry a lot about global warming, and searches for alternative ways to fuel our cars. We know that something is changing our planet and that something is human created. Contamination of fossil fuel is considered to be the black sheep. We know that electro smog changes cell structures, but nobody speak about it. Keep in mind that all life (big and small) both depends on and functions due to weak internal electromagnetic fields. When something disturbs these electromagnetic fields we might develop problems. Research has shown that electro smog might alter these fields.

The official radiation limits were defined out from three basic criteria (among others): acute heat damages in cells, hallucinations in humans and reduced working abilities. When research did not unclose any of these, we got the conclusion: Safe. The world has moved on and the same has science. Science shows that even with VERY low electromagnetic radiation we get cell changes. It exist strong indicators for that long term electro smog provokes inflammations in the human body and that the neurons start to slowly accumulate signals. Here it comes: We have no idea what this radiation might create in us. That have created an insecurity with a lot of speculation, and the most popular directions to speculate is Alzheimer, cancer and Autism (remember every fourth Mexican have autistic features). The research is limited and often of a speculative character. Honestly, when dealing with potential dangerous aspects we have the right to speculate and we should never ignore these aspects.

Microwaves have been considered to cause cancer by the world health organization (WHO) since 2011, but still we find machines that use microwaves in the shop. You might ask why, and the answer is simple. We still lack 100% evidence for the dangers, and yes we still sell cigarettes. Preventive measures should be taken to ensure that the only electro smog that you get is your personal electro smog; your mobile phone, your microwave oven, and your electrical watch. We should not be exposed for electric smog we haven’t asked for. The world is filled with this electric smog, and you cannot get away from it. Your mobile works everywhere due to this smog, TV – and radio signals reaches even the most deserted place, power cables go to every place humans live, civil – and military radars, and whatever that transmits signals . You are exposed and have no place to hide; not even a tinfoil hat would help you. Authorities have shown an increasing interest in restricting new forms of radiation like the 5G mobile network (still not in Mexico) and public Wi-Fi radiation. Hackers have made companies to put their Wi-Fi computer systems back to cables, and the workers get less electro smog as a positive result.

The ALARA (“As Low as Reasonably Achievable”) principle is the guide when speaking about electro smog. We don’t want any electro smog, but some electro smog is needed to function as a society. Then the question is how low is it possible to demand a low to be, and what is reasonable? Where is this between Zero and electrocuted? Scientists and extremists (on both sides) know that we are discussing something we don’t know what is, and we cannot stop development based on insecurity. At the same time we cannot act irresponsible ignorant. Knowledge of tomorrow is unknown today. We have to put our trust in history and always select the least dangerous option. Remember the use of DDT (to disinfect), asbestos (building material) and cigarettes (recreational). In the moment we know that something in not natural and might cause something, we start thinking about probabilities for damage. If we have just a marginal chance for damage, should we do it? Then we need to do a cost/ benefit calculation for the humanity. Remember science is basically missing, and most we know is only plausible (not a fact) and often transmitted by (with all respect and admiration) uneducated extremists. It is easy to say that electro smog is an invention. “Security first” is still weaker than “low probability to occur”. Probability is often the little brother of economic interest; making us creating disease out of economic interests.

It has been suggested to dramatically reduce the high frequent radiation from 10.000.000 microwatt/ m2 to 1.000 microwatt/ m2 while we wait for solid investigations. At the same time we need to be aware of that after 70 years with investigations on low-energy radiation we have found zero evidence for damage to our DNA and human molecules! Scientifically speaking it is still NOT DANGEROUS to sleep on a working microwave oven 365 days a year.  Research has not shown any damage on cells in the 25.000 research papers over the past 30 years. Perhaps this indicates that electro smog is not that dangerous after all, or not…? Oh, you remembered that the studies normally had a poor quality and terrible methodology. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist if you don’t find it. You simply did not measure in the right way. At the same time, what we did find is merely just insignificant indicators of something, mixed with a relatively poor scientific quality and if the findings were true, they would require conditions that are impossible to create outside a laboratory. In other words, what we have found is not possible to reproduce in real life.

Let us go through some of these investigations. Mobile phones have existed for about 20 years, and researchers have found no relevant increase in any form of cancer during these 20 years; what were of cancer still is. The growth of electrical power lines has boosted and researchers have found that leukaemia is more frequent close to these lines. A connection! Children living close to these lines tend to leukaemia more often than children elsewhere; that is a scientific fact. Here is the clue, poor people tend to have leukaemia more frequent, and they tend to live in poor areas. The poor areas with poor people are often located close to power lines, and that might explain leukaemia. Then, perhaps electric smog from electric power lines does not cause cancer after all? Every day we get more power lines, but we get less leukaemia. Logical thinking tells us that a connection would create an increasing tendency to leukaemia, but it doesn’t. Your fridge, electric radio or vacuum cleaner creates about the same amount of magnetism as these electrical lines; 1% of the earth magnetic field. Perhaps this problem is just marginal after all and has a low probability to occur. Scientists have shown as a fact that people that complain a lot about electrical smog often have a problem with their coping strategies. They tend to suffer from stress and anxiety. They blame electric smog for their (and others) problems to get a sense of coping. In this context electric smog acts as an explanation to their problem and gives them a sensation of coping. In plain words: researchers have found that cellular radiation is not dangerous at all, to worry about electric smog is dangerous, and electric smog is a good coping strategy.

Having mentioned this, it is many factors, multi-layers and this matter is complex. We have indicators for electric smog might cause damage to humans, but we still lack scientific evidence. Good research is needed. The indicator tells us that electric smog pathologically might afflict the signal system in the cells, and with that creating a cascade of micro changes. Electric smog is weak and merely insignificant in strength, but it is plausible that it might alter some aspects in living beings. Perhaps we should keep that in mind. My advice is to reduce your private electric smog, don’t stay too long in a distinct area with electric smog, and remember that it is better to be safe than sorry…

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