The Anthropoc

The world will never exist as before. The hands of humans have change the world forever. The only problem is that we do not know what future we have created. Humans afflict everything on this planet to a degree that we might call humans a natural force. We have made the planets ecological systems change on all levels. Just remember that only the last 45 years, half of planets animals have stopped to exist. Beside the animals and the air pollution, we have also changed our atmosphere. As a remindre remember the the hole in the ozone layer.  Our planets climate is in change – due to us!

In old times we also experienced changes, but the changes before were more related to wars, inventions, eruption of Vulcans and impacts from meteorites. The changes we find from old times are visible today, the same we might say about the impact from us – the human race. Before we named our time as Holoc (the time after the last ice age), but our recent destructions of our planet have provoced a new name The Anthropoc; the time of the human race (Anthropos: human and Cen: new). The term was coined by Dr. Crutzen.

We, the humans, have made our irreversible marks on our planet. The good thing is that we start to understand the imprint we have made on our planet and the impact this will have on our lives. Climatic changes will change our world map within a few years and with that also the way we live, or even stronger how we define life. It will not be possible to continue to live as we do today. Research shows us that we are digging our own grave, and we need to do some drastic changes to survive or live as we do today. The humans is a geological force that afflict our life and our future; the future of our race! We do not know when Anthropoc stared, but we know we live in it and that our life depend on us regulating the force of our geological destruction. We have killed most animals on the planet, made our soil partly useless and provoked climatic changes. We see today that anthropoc is changing our political leaders and the directions of our formal life. We see that we got a responsibility and that we need to accept it and act accordingly. All life is interconnected and has to be considered as a part of the same.


Anthropoc is a wake call. Let us act for the planet, for our world, for our children…

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