Contamination kills infants

Every 4 infants under 5 years that dies, dies of contamination! 

States a new report from UNEP, the environment program in the United Nations, shows that children die 234 times more frequent of contamination than conflicts.


In 2016 still we suffer from many themes that we should have solved a long time ago. For example annually 7.000.000 humans die of air contamination. This is a type of contamination that we have the science to control, but we get worse year by year. Another and even more controllable theme is clean water and lack of toilets. In total it is estimated that 840.000 persons die annually of something that simple. In Mexico it is still common to find asbestos in building materials. In great parts of the world we find this material illegal due to its dangers. Annually 100.000 persons die of asbestos.

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