Impossible to live in North Africa and Middle East

New investigations from Max-Planx Gesellschaft in Munchen Germany have shown that in about 25 years we will find The North of Africa and the Middle East so warm that humans cannot live there. Most likely the population of 500.000.000 persons have to find another place to live, die trying or live miserable. We find the heat waves and extreme climate to become 10 times more frequent and last longer; it is estimated that they will last up non stop to four months. The temperature will not go under 30 degrees Celsius at night time and go close to 50 degrees Celsius at day time (in the shadow). Every year we will have more than 200 days a year with a killing heat in this region. What will happen with the people living in the region? What will happen with the societies that have to recieve the people? Researchers say that cultural changes are not a covering world. We will get NEW cultures.


Just a small note.

This investigation were conducted about by countries in the EU. Where is Mexico located on the world map? Have you felt some extreme climate recently? Interesting… dont you think? Year 2049 is not that far away.


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