Our new Climate

Written by Nils

Now it is here the rapport that should change our life: «Multi-hazard assessment in Europe under climate change». This is a rapport that predicts how our new future will be due to the climatic changes. Prepare for 70 years with both flooding and a lack of water in Europe.


Most noticeable in the rapport is Spain and Portugal. The localization and the predicted climatic changes will create that bad weather that these two countries will suffer economically. In addition it is predicted that food production might become more difficult in Europe; especially close to the coast. It will be heat waves, burning forests, strong storms and extreme dryness in most parts of Europe EVERY year; 70% chance. The average temperature will be 2 degree higher than before. Most likely parts of Europe will be “off-line” from time to time, and depend on help from other parts of Europe and the World.


Our life WILL change and we NEED to start planning for what will come. The climatic changes will give floods and we need to construct to prevent severe flooding in areas where we live. It will cost and it is nessesary.

The reason for this climate change might be related to different reasons like natural phenomenon, animal agriculture, fossil fuels and so on. When we can do is to control what we might control. This means eat less meat and animal related products. Change from fossil to electrical alternatives. Prepare our houses and infrastructure to stand extreme heat, cold, flooding, droughts, wildfires and windstorms. As we quickly understand is that coastlines are the main problem areas. Here we find biggest cities in the world and Water a lot of salt water. A big city means a densely populated area with often millions of people. A disaster might strike hard in these areas and afflict even worse. The Society as we know it today will change together with the environment. The more prepared we get, the more of the existing society we might save. With the new climate intensity and frequency we might face multiple climate hazards. It is time to adapt to the changing conditions, and to do that we need to consider multiple factors. Some of the factors are climatic migration, windstorms, Sea level rise, inland flooding due to rainfall, river floods, coastal floods, heat waves, cold waves, droughts and wildfires.


We need to prepare today, because tomorrow is here!


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