Battlefield acupuncture

An interesting article about the use of acupuncture in the army.



Does battlefield acupuncture exist? Soldiers are supposed to get the best medical attention possible under any given circumstances, and should get it. Tactical medicine includes the best and most efficient medicine given in a pressured tactical environment.


The question is: “Do acupuncture have a place in treating soldiers, and if so, where in the medical chain is this place if it exists?” We live in an age where everything needs to be science. The golden rule today is to only offer scientific proven efficient medical treatment. Well, this is not completely the truth. The British Medical Journal state in an article from 2007 (BMJ, 2007) that after analysing 2.500 scientific proven medical treatments and cutting through the statistics that 13% were beneficial, 23% were likely to be beneficial, 8% both harmful and beneficial, 6% unlikely to be beneficial, 4% both harmful and ineffective, and finally 46% unknown if effect of…

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