Who is the best acupuncturist?

This is an article about the best acupuncturist and how to find him.


acupuncture needles

It is difficult to select acupuncturist. Often we get attracted by a commercial, an article in a local paper or simply an idea about trying acupuncture. Perhaps somebody knows an acupuncturist and recommends him to you. Or you simply just need an acupuncturist and find one on random. Most of us search for an acupuncturist with experience. We might think that the more years in the job, the more experience he gets, and the chance for good results increases. It is true that some get better with experience, but not all – most NOT! It is also true that both groups (the good and the bad) think they get better with time. If an acupuncturist repeat the same bad job multiple times a day, he will become better in doing a bad job. He will never get better in the actual acupuncture job; a long term bad will never get…

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