Child brides and Criminal behaviour

In the turbulent 2015 3 statistics show us that 61 underage married girls entered Norway for shelter; Child brides. Norway does not practice the tradition of Child brides and following the Norwegian law does not accept this custom and tradition. Having written this we need to understand that where these children come from it is normal to marry young – very young. That is why we need to treat them with understanding and not to condemn them.

Many did become afraid when thousands of refugees started to move in Europe before Christmas. When people get afraid something happens to us. We become more primitive, superficial and dangerous. We create an image of immigrants as dangerous people, most likely terrorists, rapists, child abusers and paedophiles. We overgeneralizes and judges one for all. Well the numbers is not nice. Of all rapes in the capital research show that 72.7% of all rapes were done by immigrants, rape and assault did even rate higher. Immigrants from Kosovo, Somalia, Iran and Iraq are strongly overrepresented in all groups of criminal activity. Research has shown that immigrants to Norway have about 350% more criminal activity than Norwegians. We need to understand that these numbers don’t tell us that risk of criminal behaviour is related to origin, religion and culture alone. We need to understand that almost half of these immigrants are young unemployed men with low living standards living on social welfare. This means that socio-demographic aspects might explain some of this behaviour. The longer time a person has been living in Norway, the less chance for criminal behaviour. This is purely connected to integration and to be established in the Norwegian society. If you lack a social network, family, job and something useful to do you are more likely to be an outcast; low socioeconomic status. An outcast is isolated, powerless and lives in the outskirts of the society. The chances for criminal behaviour increases with 350% until the person get integrated. Cultural liberties might also explain some of these criminal actions; not everything is connected to being accepted in a group. In the court system we find that immigrants conduct only about 2% of the total criminal activities; legally in Norway 0.5% and illegally 1.5%. Taking in consideration the amount of immigrants, researchers say that an immigrant have about three times more chance to be criminal than a Norwegian, and two times if we adjust for gender and age. About 1/3 of all the people in Norwegian jails are foreigners; not necessarily immigrants and many are from east Europe.
It is interesting to see that we mostly relate rape to be related to (done by people with) bad rearing, observed female abuse, depression and stress. Further on we often think that this is men from a macho society where they think that they have the right to sex. Of course we also find the classical factors like lack of equality poverty, low socioeconomic factors, drugs and alcohol. We might argue that these factors mainly come from their culture or that the religion opens for this way of thinking; most likely this is a multifactorial entity. It is not ONE reason; it is a mix of reasons. In the history of Norway we find the phenomenon group rape to be relatively unknown. With the last wave of immigrants in Europe we find exactly this new way of raping women to increase. The reason is not found yet, but it is believed that men come together in gangs to assert their masculinity. This is mostly men living in poverty with little chance for being a good provider in a stable family. As a member of this rape group he gets a possibility to demonstrate dominance and control over women and fight with other men. He stimulates a need to be something and through dominating women him feel good. The group help him to activate this stimulus, because alone he would not succeed. Researchers think that this is due to a low socioeconomic status, lack of integration, unemployment, lack of belonging and finally being unable to provide for a family. The problem is NOT directly related to an inferior view on women, but rather on an impotence to live a real life providing for a wife and children. Remember this is not stupid Neanderthal men, but rather intelligent men in an existential personal crisis. It is an increased relative risk for crime conducted by immigrants and it is partially founded in their culture and life situation. It is also possible than socioeconomically factors (personal, parents and in their neighbourhood) constitutes as the biggest risk factor for criminal activity. Since immigrants normally score low on the social economical scale they are in risk to become criminal. It is also more common to connect to the police when you do not know the rapist, perhaps more immigrants are registered as rapist due to this.

It is important to know our core ethical values; what we stand for and believe in. We care and we want security. Crime is not accepted, and it does not matter who do the crime immigrant or native. Crime is wrong. Let us go back to child brides. This is normally two persons legally married in the country of origin. Norway does not accept this type of relations. We have to be tolerant and calm down our fear. Fear is the beginning to hysteria. It exist dangers and minor aspects. It is time to accept and adjust. This is no time to panic; we need to remember that we are all human beings that have different ways of arranging our life. We need laws, and laws need to be respected and upheld. If a girl under 10 years is married with a man of 45 years we might say that this is not acceptable. If they come to Norway we need to upheld our ethical values, and separate the married couple until she reach legal age, and if she give her consent to marriage with the much older man. We need to understand that money is not everything. We need to understand that town and country is two different issues. We need both to understand and accept that different cultures have different ways to solve the same problem. Our values do not worth more than others and we cannot judge others based on their religious belief.

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