Zika is perhaps not that bad!

Today we have about 4700 children born with microcephaly in Brazil. These cases are blamed on the Zika virus, but now we start to get information about many children born with microencefaly in 2012, many years before the Zika virus started in Brazil. This indicates that an epidemy of this disease started even BEFORE the virus. This indicates only one thing; The Zika virus does not cause microencephaly!


A Child cardiologist named Sandra Mattos have analysed 100.000 new born children in Brazil and found that the increase in microencephaly (>32 cm) started in 2012, but serious microencephaly started in November 2014. Today they have 404 confirmed and 709 partial confirmed cases. The other about 3500 children is still under investigation.


An important question, 80% of the cases is reported in northeast Brazil and not in other corresponding countries. For example, 3200 Colombian pregnant women have confirmed positive on Zika virus, but still zero microencephaly reported. It exist indicators in Brazil that other environmental factors like pesticides or infections have caused this disease. One thing is for sure the Zika virus is innocent regarding microencephaly, and it is a lot we do not know!

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