World Crisis


The numbers in the Finance markets continue in red; with new negative records and a general darkness lowers on the world. It is possible that the market still have to show us a very dark something in the near future. Most likely we haven’t struck bottom yet, and this bottom will be deeper than the global crisis in the 2008 recession. The main indicator for this is the instable World finance systems.


Some indicators


The growth in China cannot pay for the loans, and somebody have to pay. Most likely we might find some banks in deep crisis. The World market depends on the Chinese market to maintain its products. Remember that China have started to lower its production; something that mean a reduced import of for example oil. Most likely this will create a devaluation of RMB and the final result of this is a sky high USD debt.


Standards & Poors 500 is an index over the 500 biggest businesses in the USA. This index will og down. During the recession in 2008 it went down to 666 (what a number!), but this time it is predicted that it might go down to 550-600. Today it is on 1881, meaning experts are predicting a super hard fall in the world economy – 1881 to 550!

Stock markets in Asia:

The market around China is frightened. The Chinese economy moves down and the oil sinks. The Asian market prepares for a deep fall; Tokyo is 20% down compared to last year. The Chinese stock market is basically sinking with 1-2% on a daily basis. It seems like that the stock market do not pay attention to that the central bank of China want invest 600.000.000 RMB in February.


A new recession might start in the Easter time. Where we find S&P500 drop to 800 as a starter.


Read more in the articles about oil.

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