Hurracan Patricia

The hurrican will hit land 23.10.2015 between 16.00 and 18.00. Rain and wind from the hurrican will reach DF around 20.00.


Mexico have declared a state of emergency!


Today the hurrican Patricia will hit Mexico. The speed is measured to be about 322 km/t, like a Ferrari driving on maximum speed towards you. This is dangerous!!! The National Hurricane Center say this is the strongest hurrican EVER since they started to measure hurricanes with satellite’s in the oceans.


Tonight it is expected that the category 5-hurrican will create 12 meters high waves and 50 cm with rain beside the extreme wind. The areas around Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo will be hitted and let us pray for the people there. The last very strong hurrican were in the Philippines two years ago and costed 7300 lives. The strongest ever were the Japanese tyfon Nancy in 1961. Who knows if Patricia will top that one. The rain last night in DF are a sign of the hurrican is getting closer to us. We predicted a Godzilla storm the 17. of August. Here it is up on us…

Follow the hurrican here and HERE

Se here for the explanation of the Godzilla storm.

the 22nd of june we explained the roots of the Godzilla storm here is.




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