Attack in Sweden

It has happen again, a Swedish school was attacked by a 21 years old killer at a school with 400 students. Normally we hear about this from USA, but this time it were peaceful Sweden.

A man dressed with A Star Wars mask entered a school and started to stab children and teachers with a sword. Several was killed and injured by this act of madness. Finally the Police did shoot the stabber. We should see this attack in the light of Shooters.

Shooters are persons that simply start killing people in a school or an office-area. See this article for details. We need to prepare for situations like this. All schools and places where amounts of people is gathered need to be prepared, to know what to do when this situations occurs. Mass shooting tracker can be seen here.skolmordarenpuff

Let us pray for the wounded and use this as a reminder of the world we live in. Let this never happen again!


More here and here

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