Animal agriculture

Well, Animal agriculture consumes a lot of water. To produce 0.45 kg of beef you need 9463.5 liter of water. Every years you eat about 122.9 kg of beef products, indicatin a consume of 2.564.616,5 liters of water. A full bath tub with shower consumes on average 80 liters of water. This mean that your beef consumes 32.057 full baths or about 188 days of non stop showering! Where should we start saving water. One hamburger equals 2 months of showering.

Here are the numbers from Mexico

Go through the images for more information:


If you are going to save water. I guess it is more easy to save where you use a lot.

waterusage7waterusage6waterusage5water usagewaterusage4waterusage3waterusage2

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