Is this Objectivity?

All think: You are naïve if you believe propaganda. You are ignorant if you think that the so called independent media tell you the truth. But is it really this simple. Everybody is to a certain degree subjective, and the objective truth does perhaps not exist.

 Syrian children march in the refugee camp in Jordan. The number of Children in this camp exceeds 60% of the total number of refugees hence the name "Children's camp". Some of them lost their relatives, but others lost their parents.

First of all we a have a crisis, I accept that 100%! But something is strange in the media. Let us share some light on that problem. The mothers and children from Syria and all the suffering we see on TV helps us to feel bad makes us want to help. The opinion created by media is made to sell, and not to help people. When media sell, they earn money on ads. It is a spiral, the more they tempt us to read, the more money circulate. Does this also count for the Syria refugees?


Hundreds of persons walking, running and fighting their way across the borders of Europa, their urgent need help, and we are selected to help them. And we do! Don’t we?


Before moving on you need to remember if Europa receives a million or so with persons from Syria, will Europa continue being Europa? Will Europa continue being a group of countries founded on democracy and freedom? The values of Europa is on stake; the European culture. A cultural transformation created by an integration of huge amounts of persons from other cultures and religions. The core element is that the afflicted societies are bound to change their identity. The way we think and act will be guided by the average population in any given area. Who is the average population today, and who will be in the near future. Depending on, gives the direction to the pendulum. Nobody knows if it is for the good or for worse. We are speaking about how we raise our children, treat our women and live, what we eat, how we sleep, our daily life… What waits in-front of us?

Raghed, 7, stands among rubbish at an informal refugee settlement in Qab Elias in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley. This camp is home to families who fled to Lebanon hundreds of kilometers from their home in Hassakah near to Syria's northern border. Many told CRS their homes had bee after their home was destroyed in an airstrike. Fighting between Kurdish groups and Turkish troops prevented a safe passage to nearby Turkey. There is no electricity at the camp and water has to be drawn by hand from a well. Families here have received critical food, shelter support and living supplies from Catholic Relief Services and our partner, Caritas Lebanon. CRS, Caritas and other local partners are helping more than 15,000 refugees across the country, and more than 100,000 Syrians across the region. An estimated 100,000 people have been killed within Syria, with millions uprooted inside the country and at least 1.2 million people having fled into neighboring countries to seek help.

Does is exist plans about how to integrate the refugees where ever they choose to go? Who, where and when will they get the help they deserve. The problem is not the refugee, but us… Globally we see that the integration of refugees does not function properly and they generally end up in some kind of ghetto relatively isolated from locals. We are thought to help – and we want to help needed, but we do not really manage to provide the needed help? The cost of poor management might become a partial loss of democratic aspects, freedom of speech and equality, and of course the suffering of the refugee.


Let us go back to the media and the crisis related to Syria. UNHCR tells us that the first 6 months this year they counted among all the refugees 72% men most between 18 and 35 years. Only 15% were children. TV does not show any boat filled with 20 years old men, but boats filled with children and women; the minority – presented as refugees from Syria.  Another example is the 1000 persons that cross the border between Macedonia, Serbia and Greece. People from Syria constitute only 34% of these 1000 persons. If that was not enough, 83% of the refugees from Syria are men in the age between 18 to 35 years (See the pattern?). Estimated of 1000 persons, 340 are from Syria, and 282 are men. Only 58 of 1000 persons are women, children and older men. Another fact is that most people from Syria were living in Turkey for a period before aiming for Europa; why did they need to move a second time?

March 16, 2012- Reyhanli, Turkey: A Syrian man holds his son who is bundled up against the the cold in the Reyhanli refugee camp in Hatay province on the Turkish/Syrian border on Friday March 16, 2012.

Why do all these men want to go to Europa? It is many theories explaining why they take this huge risk. First it is not due to poverty! Poor people cannot afford to travel large distances. More and more organizations say that this people are not actually refugees (!), but rather poor people with sufficient money to search for a better life another place. Just as the migration to USA hundred years ago. This is simply people on the move and not really refugees. In a way, middle class men just changing area. Of course this does not sell for the media. Drowning children, suffering women and crying men is in the focus for media, while the young strong men walk slowly beside searching for a better life are ignored.

We need to understand the difference between a refugee and a migrant. The difference is huge and ignoring this difference changes the complete story. Refugees flee a conflict or persecution to seek safety in nearby countries. They flee danger. Since refugees flee danger, they are protected by international law.  Migrants are something complete different. A migrant in general want to improve their life for different reasons. Their country of origin does not create any problem related to danger. Refugees need immediate help, but migrants not.

The end of this is has huge consequences for us all. Our society and our life are in change. When huge amounts of migrants enter our habitat we get changes. Responsible for this changes are our politic govern by our selected politicians. Politicians are selected by us colored by the advices from media. The big question is about the objectivity in media. Did they report the objective truth or a truth adjusted to create a headline? News has never been the objective truth, and will never be. Do not believe in propaganda. Stop being ignorant! Media just want to sell.

Finally never forget: Who are we to decide who lives where on this planet; once we were all migrants? When a human being confronts dangers and becomes a refugee we are all obligated to help. We are one world.



  1. Allways help others!
  2. Media want to sell.
  3. What we think is not allways the thruth
  4. Never forget others (EG: African refugees)
  5. To quick changes might alter your culture

PS! What happen with the starving children in Africa? Perhaps they do not sell for media this days.



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