Oceans WILL increase with 1 meter

The last 23 years the sea level has increased 7.6 cm; some areas 25 cm! NASA says this is due to global warming and melting of ice. Researchers think the speed of increasing sea levels will go faster and faster; NASA estimate a minimum 1 meter in about 150 years and UNs clima panel estimate about 0.9 meter in 100 years (2013). 33% is due to expanding hot water, 33% melting polar ice and 33% is melting glaciers. NASA postulate that nature might delay the increase of sea level through some natural mechanisms, but the unstoppable growth have started. The World will never be the same. The only question is only speed and amount.


Increasing sea level will afflict the complete world population and create a completely new world map. Not speaking about the 150.000.000 persons living in cities like Tokyo and Singapore that are located under the future new sea level. This is just the beginning. Most likely we will get sea level refugees like we have war refugees these days.


A previous article on the same theme: https://volden.mx/2015/07/22/395/

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