Prepare for the Godzilla El Niño – The MONSTER STORM 2015!

Soon we will experience El Niño again in the Pacific Ocean; after waiting for about 6 years. As we know from before dry become wet and wet become dry. This phenomenon occurs when huge amounts of warm water pushes cold water at the side in the Pacific Ocean. This year the amount of warm water is much more that we have ever seen, and that worries researchers at NASA and NOAA. They go so far to predict Monster storms without comparison this year. Storms might give complications that go far behind the actual wind and rain; remember New Orleans a few years ago. The effect of this year’s phenomenon might easily afflict the complete planet.


Researchers predict that it is most likely that El Niño (90%) will be present during the complete winter and the chance for it to finish before spring is only 15%. This will be a Christmas we will remember. This is predictions that should worry us all. The last huge Niño were in 1997 and cost an estimated 23.000 life’s and more than US dollar.

For the extremely dry California we might predict water – a lot of water… Perhaps more water than they can manage to handle.


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