Bacon and butter is NOT dangerous for the heart

Investigators do not find ANY increased heart problems or type 2 diabetes due to saturated fat (butter, cows’ milk, meat, salmon, egg yolks, chocolate, cocoa butter, coconut, and palm kernel oils). The investigators evaluated 20.413 possible articles and found 73 studies directly on fat and heart! If you eat margarine (margarine, sweet bread and bisques) the chance for heart conditions increases with 21% and if you have a heart condition we find the risk of dying increase with 28%.


At the same time one of the GREAT risk factors for heart conditions are low education! Low education explains 72% of the risk for smoking, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, obesity and lack of physical activity. When different risk factors start to increase, the chance for problems accumulates. A reduction of saturated fat will reduce the chance for heart problems, but this effect is not credited to the absence of saturated fat. The effect is rather the introduction of other elements that prevent heart conditions.




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