The user manual for men; unclosing the mystery 3

The third part in an article serie of four about men.



“This is the third of four articles about men. The article focuses a lot on the man and his relations to women. The angle to the article are a combination between Chinese medicine, Chinese psychology and Western science. Remember the article are provocative to stimulate growth. Note that the references will be published on the seminars “Men and TCM”.

Welcome to read The user manual for Men part 3. Enjoy.”

Nils Volden


Humans have developed different mating strategies. Normally we divide it into three: multiple women, promiscuous and monogamous. The first strategy is to have multiple women and mate with them all. This is called the alpha male harem strategy. Here he has multiple girlfriends at the same time and arrange a schedule with them all. The second strategy is the promiscuous man that mates with all the women that passes in front of him. It does not matter that it is…

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