The user manual for men; unclosing the mystery 2

The secound part of the user guide to men.


IMG_5036“This is the secound of four articles about men. The article focuses on the man and his main life thsough the Yang Fire period, Territoriality, hormonal changes, the preference for being alone,Honor, sexuality, women, flirting, voice, pheronomes and much more. The angle to the article are a combination between Chinese medicine, Chinese psychology and Western science. Remember the article are provocative to stimulate growth. Note that the references will be published on the seminars “Men and TCM”.

Welcome to read The user manual for Men part 2. Enjoy.”

Nils Volden

Boys in the Yang Fire period tend to experience the telescoping effect both stronger and more frequent than others. Telescoping is basically experiencing old things as relatively recent (backward t.) and distant events as close in time (forward t.). When testosterone increases we find the Yang Fire boy to lose some of his perception of time. What happened with him…

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