Scientists clame that Reincarnation exist

Sometimes we do not know what to believe, but this time it is difficult to believe what we are told. Perhaps it is true, or perhaps no… We might be critical to the scientific method used in these investigations and it’s the selection of methology, but let us be open and hear the story, then you judge by yourself.

Abstracts from an article published on the collective intelligence

You might find the complete article on this link.


Evidence for reincarnation is the best evidence for the existence of a soul in the human body. If reincarnation exists, a soul also has to exist.

It is not easy to measure a Reincarnation objectively, and even less scientifically.

Facial recognition software confirms in many cases a facial resemblance to an alleged prior incarnation. In 35% (P=210) of the cases they also found birth marks on places where they allegedly suffered fatal wounds from in their past life! A birthmark was often manifested as areas without hairs or some type of skin irregularity or differences in pigmentation. The more close an alleged reincarnation were the more visible were the birth marks or wounds. In 88% of the cases (P=49) medical documents could confirm this connection.

A researcher investigated more than 3000 independent stories of children connected to their memories from alleged past lives; some children clamed about 30 or more facts from their previous life’s. The researcher found correlations in more than 82% of these facts when analyzing three cases. Correlations connected to aspects like names, character, occupation and information about the house. The researcher found a family that had lost a person who corresponded to the information presented by the child.

Another aspect put forward are phobias in the child. Often he found that 36% (P=378) of the phobias in this children were related to the death of the person they were reincarnated from.

As a conclusion we need to look more serious on reincarnation and the soul. Soul as a non-physical part of us contains memories. The soul is not directly connected to our physical body and can therefore enter a new body.


Laidlaw, R. W. (1967). Review of Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation. American Journal of Psychiatry, 124, 128. King, L. S. (1975). Reincarnation. JAMA, 234, 978


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