Global Warming, El Niño and The FeedBack loop

The earth is getting warmer, and this June becomes the warmest in 135 years; even though in Norway it becomes the coldest in 132 years. The average temperature is 0,85 degrees above normal.

One of the main problems this very moment is the increasing melting of our polar ice. That might result in a 3 meters rice of the sea level; slowly it WILL rice to that level in 50 years. With that 3 meters rice all cities close to the sea become impossible to live in. New York will be permanently flooded in about 30 year time! If all the ice melts the sea levels will increase with 60 meters, but that is not likely to happen.
Problems that will occur as a result of the melting of the polar ice are the Feedback loop at the South Pole. When the ice melts it will sink, and force warmer deep water to go up. This warm water will melt the ice cap ten times faster than predicted. The World moves faster than all predictions; even the bad ones! West Antarctica is impossible to stop as the mechanism has started! The giant glaciers are alive and they move…

Another problem is El Niño. This is climate state where warm water pushes aside cold water in the oceans surface. This create a changes weather pattern in half of our planet. This year El Niño is extra strong, and record warm temperatures are measured since spring 2015. It is expected an extreme October! It is 95% chance for El Niño until New Year. Today we find an +1.5ºC last week in the water temperature. A sure sign of heating of the upper sea levels. It is predicted a change of +2.0ºC shortly as the summer heat mixes with the global warming. If the temperature passes an 3ºC increase we will get super strong weather changes.

The result of the increasing sea level and the extreme climates might also predict social disruption and economical disasters. People have to migrate due to climate for the first time in modern times. The World might be very difficult to govern and civilization will have to change. More and more researchers call this the human tipping point; a point where a social revolution will emerge for our survival.

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