How does acupuncture work?

A short summary about the benefits of acupuncture.


First of all: Nobody knows how acupuncture works!

We know that Chinese medicine correlate very well with modern anatomical and physiological knowledge. Acupuncture is a technique where you stimulate the peripheral nervous system with needles.

Normally we say that acupuncture have three effects:

  1. Relieves pain.
  2. Reduces inflammation.
  3. Restores homeostasis.

Perhaps the most important effect here is the effect to restore homeostasis. Homeostasis is the body’s ability to regulate and maintain balance. Remember that all diseases involve a disturbance of homeostasis. At the same time most diseases includes a component of pain and inflammation.

The effect is some way are connected to the nerves. If the nerves are destroyed in some way acupuncture will not work. That is why all acupuncture meridians and their acupuncture points are better seen in relation to nerves and their paths.

Researchers have discovered multiple effect mechanisms:

  • Promotes the blood flow and vasodilation
    • To heal we…

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