ABC to shooters

Here are an article written by Nils Volden about shooters and terrorists. The article were originally published in March, but recent happenings in the tourist parts of Tunisia gives this article a new importance. Please read and think.

World Acudo Association

An article originally published on Street acudo:

wpmaf bilde 2015

This week unfortunately this article become important again. Prepare!

Shooter special

By Doshu Nils Volden

Tactics and Special operations
As you might have noticed recent years with the terror attacks in Paris against the newspaper Charlie Hebdo, København in Denmark, Utøya in Norway, at multiple schools in USA and multiple places around the world paints a picture of an increasing trend. We might find our self to become a target for a terror attack; not only suicide bombs, but also knife attacks, guns and chemical weapons. The essence of a terror attack is the purpose to create a sensation of Fear in people, to make us do – or not do something. Terrorists normally do not want to take people hostage, kill and hurt as many as possible in a short time lap.

We cannot predict exactly when or where it will…

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