The disease of the century, Negativity, explained through Chinese medicine

An interesting article about the main problem in out century, negativity.



“The human mind have many secrets. Let us unclose one of the truths that color our life without us knowing it. Enjoy.”

Nils Volden

负面Fu mian – the Negativity concept  

Fu mian is a defense technique that focuses on making everything sounds negative. Really it does not matter what the person is confronting there are nothing else than a negative reflection coming as a response. Fu mian is pure negativity. Negativity projected on anything and everything, and if something is reflected that is decoded as negative also. Perhaps we might ask our self: “What is wrong with this person?”  Well, this is a person that live in a defense mechanism that have just one channel, then negative one; positivity simply do not exist as a frequently used option. This Fu mian defense mechanism is a way of pressing everything down and lifting nothing up. Disqualifying the positive is a…

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