Time of Birth qualifies for diseases

An article in Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association show us that your birth month correlates with the chance to catch a disease.

The birth month has a significant impact on the diseases we might develop during our lifetime. This study tried to look closer to the relationship between seasonal affects at birth and lifetime disease risk for 1688 conditions. In total did 1 749 400 individuals with records at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center born between 1900 and 2000 include in the study. 55 diseases depended on the birth month. We need to be aware of the lifetime disease risk is affected by birth month. An important mechanism are possible a seasonally dependent early developmental mechanism.

Cardiovascular (n = 9)
Atrial fibrillation 48 961 Yes Essential hypertension 269 913 Yes Congestive cardiac failure 61 448 Yes Angina 20 741 Yes Cardiac complications of care 13 653 Yes 0.027 High: April Low: September
Cardiomyopathy 17 873 Yes 0.009 High: January Low: September
Pre-infarction syndrome 25 028 No 0.036 High: June Low: October
Chronic myocardial ischemia 10 010 No 0.022 High: April Low: November
Mitral valve disorder 22 966 No 0.024 High: March Low: November
Acute upper respiratory infection 112 487 Yes Bruising 8904 Yes 0.015 High: December Low: April
Nonvenomous insect bite 7435 Yes 0.001 High: October Low: February
Venereal disease screening 69 764 Yes 0.003 High: October Low: June
Primary malignant neoplasm of prostate 20 353 Yes 0.002 High: March Low: October
Vomiting 30 495 No 0.029 High: September Low: January
• 1P-values adjusted using Benjamini-Hochberg method

Being born in May, June, August, January, and December gave no overall advantage or disadvantage. Persons born in November got an increased disease risk, and persons born in February got a decreased disease risk. Depending on the month it were also found that persons born in October are at increased risk for respiratory conditions and at decreased risk for cardiovascular conditions.



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