The user manual for Women (Part 5/8) Women in Chinese medicine

The user manual on women continues



“This is the fifth  article of eight about women. This article focuses more on Mating and aspects related to establishing a relation. The angle to the article are a combination between Chinese medicine, Chinese psychology and Western science. Remember the article are provocative to stimulate growth. Note that the references will be published on the seminars «Women and TCM».

Welcome to read The user manual for Women part 5. Enjoy.”

Nils Volden

警配种 Jǐng Pèizhǒng Mating alert
The female brain will automatically search for the best possible perceived male present, using subtle parameters genetically stored in the congenital essence to analyze all men. The young woman is programmed to localize the best possible mating partner through considering his symmetry (genetics) and socio economic status (possibility to primarily raise and protect her offspring; not his!). After having considered different elements and found the man to be a potential catch, she…

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