All what you need to know about Memory in Chinese medicine

This is an article I wrote about memory some time ago. Everything you need to know about memory are to be found in it.



“The basis of our existence depends on our ability to remember things from the past. Without the past we cannot create a future. Chinese medicine and Chinese psychology have a unique way to explain the mind and its memory. This article will give you a quick insight. Enjoy.”

Nils Volden

记性 Jìxing is the ability of a person to store information as a memory. The information is absorbed from the outside world by a sensorial system located in the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin, and stored in the brain. At a later point of time we find the person might use the stored information. The process from stimuli to a stored memory is an interesting three step processes that start with 编码 Biānmǎ – Encoding; changing external information into a signal that can be encoded by the body. This is done by a sense. In Chinese medicine we got…

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