35 years anniversary of the Dux Ryu

A photo montage from a seminar in Acudo ryu given by Nils Volden

World Acudo Association


To really mark the 35 years anniversary of the Dux Ryu systems, NTSA with Soke-dai ni Profesor Francisco Díaz García (Mexico) arranged a World Congress in Dux Ryu in Mexico city the 22rd to 29th of March 2015. Everyday it were held 18 clinics a day every one with the duration of 3 hours. The 29th of March Kaiso Frank W. Dux (USA) gave a seminar toogether with sveral international masters of the Dux ryu system. Among them Soke-dai Sky Benson (USA) and Shidoshi David Silverman (USA). Doshu Nils Volden were invited to give a seminar about the important topic «DimMak». Here you might see his presentation as a PDF:Dux Ryu DIMMAK 2015 . NB! The enclosed presentation are just for informational purposes. Congratulations to the arrangers of this wonderful congress. You all did a great job!


For people that do not recognize the name Kaiso Frank W. Dux…

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