Multiple intelligences in Chinese medicine

An important article about intelligences analyzed from a Chinese medical perspective.



“Intelligence is something we want to have a lot of. What does Chinese medicine say about that topic. Enjoy.”

Nils Volden

Chinese psychology has an easy way to identify the personality of people through using the five classical personalities, Roun, Chenn, I, Pro and Teche. Often we find intelligence intertangled with personalities. This aspect is closely related to personality, but is not the same topic. In the classical Chinese medicine intelligence is often related to Spleen zang, the mental aspect Yi or to the I personality. This Spleen zang connection does not help us much when we want to really understand intelligence. Let us try to understand how Chinese psychology operates with multiple intelligences.

The area of intelligences is an area of confusion in the occidental psychology also. Let us use this confusion in occidental psychology as our starting ground. The dominant theory is interestingly enough called “The Theory of Multiple…

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